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Structural Wall Removal

During the 10 + years we have been in business, we have constructed countless home renovation projects. Most involving wall removal and the installation of structural beams and posts.

Removing walls is a big factor in modern design living. Clients usually remove walls to create beautiful open plan layout in living rooms, creating an open plan kitchen design, or creating a single room for the bathroom, rather than separating the bathroom and WC. The options are vast and the finish gives life and beauty to a dated, floor layout of a home.

At Sydney Extension & Renovation, we will assess the walls, provide a structural engineer certificate (if required), remove walls and install the required beams and posts outlined in the engineering detail. Finish with plasterboard lining, and finish off with high quality paint finish. All work has a 10-year Structural Warranty, so feel certainty, while you sit back and enjoy your shiny, new and open living room space.

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