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North Shore Builders

Building with our North Shore Builders

One thing we can promise at Sydney Extension & Renovation is that our North Shore Builders will look after you, regardless of the size or diversity of your project. So, if you’re thinking of building or renovating but have absolutely no idea where to start, we have a team that is equipped and ready to guide you through a seamless and memorable building journey.

From planning through to approval and execution, we have every stage covered through our network of reliable trades and contractors who work harmoniously to facilitate a fast project turnaround.

There are so many factors to take into account when building, and that alone can be incredibly overwhelming. So, we take all of the stress and doubt right out of the process by ensuring your design is structurally feasible, practical and meets all of your style and lifestyle objectives.

North Shore Builders
North Shore Builders

The Perfect Choice For any Project

If you’ve ever had a bad building experience that has made you question the integrity of other North Shore builders in the market, you’ll completely understand what we mean when we say process is key.

Our customers can put their full trust in our tried and tested process, taking you from the initial planning stages, right through to that final post-construction clean for a turn-key result in minimal time. All North Shore Builders in our team have undergone stringent training and are fully qualified to offer exceptional workmanship.

We stand by a quality over quantity approach, which effectively means we’re never juggling too many projects at the same time which enables us to invest the right amount of time into yours. Furthermore, every job is allocated a Site Foreman that will guarantee every aspect of the build has been carried out incompliance with the highest Australian standards, while keeping trades working in line with the schedule.

Ideas for Your Next Construction Project

The capabilities of our North Shore builders are wide ranging, with experience and skills that have seen us work on diverse projects across both residential and commercial sectors. This includes small improvements like terrace extensions and decking areas, through to complete new home builds and outdoor additions like custom carports.

There really is endless opportunity when it comes to elevating your lifestyle through affordable and creative design, so here are some small suggestions from our North Shore builders that have potential to make your life that little bit more enjoyable.

  • Structural wall removal: Add new prospects for entertainment with structural wall removal, completely opening up your space to let light in and enable social engagement.
  • Insulated roof coverings for your outdoor space: A bit of temperature control and weather protection means every weekend spent at home can be enjoyed in the great outdoors.
North Shore Builders

Keep things interesting in your household or move forward with the growth of your business through high quality construction work from our North Shore Builders. Sydney Extension & Renovation use modern building techniques, paired with a sustainable focus to achieve the absolute best results. Call us on 0421 904 790 or send your emails through to