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Home Renovations Castle Hill

Backyard Home Renovations Castle Hill

At Sydney Extension and Renovation, we specialise in home renovations Castle Hill. One of the most overlooked renovation spaces is the backyard, as most people tend to think of it as the least functional space in the home. Depending on your situation you may have rooms of more importance to renovate, but we believe there are many uses for this space!

Your backyard can be more than just extra space. It can be a functional and enjoyable family entertaining space. While a backyard renovation may not be at the top of your home renovations Castle Hill list, it is a space that should not be overlooked. Having a practical and well-designed backyard can complement your home and encourage you to spend more time enjoying the outdoors. Whether you require a traditional or modern design to complement the look of your overall home, we have the skills to meet your needs

Home Renovations Castle Hill

Home Renovations Castle Hill

Want To Revamp Your Backyard?

If you want to transform your boring backyard into a beautiful luxury space, the team at Sydney Extension and Renovation provide a full circle service in relation to the design, approval, construction, and maintenance of your backyard renovation. Whether you are looking to add an undercover space for family BBQs, or you would like a beautiful green landscape, we have the home renovations Castle Hill solution for you!

The team at Sydney Extension and Renovation are trained in all modern renovation practices, so when you choose us for your backyard home renovations Castle Hill, you can be sure we will have a range of design and layout designs to inspire you. Whether you are looking to create the perfect play area for children, or a more sophisticated space perfect for gatherings, our team know just how to design the perfect area to satisfy all of your requirements.

Now It’s Decision Time

Now that you’ve made the decision to revamp your backyard, there are a few things you will need to consider before you can get started. To ensure we can help you design and construct the backyard of your dreams, we first need you to make some decisions about what kinds of layout, materials and designs will suit your needs.

Below is a list of questions you should ask yourself before undergoing backyard home renovations Castle Hill

  • What kind of overhead covering would I prefer? (e.g. timber or aluminium Pergola, retractable awnings, shade sales)
  • What kind of flooring do I like? (e.g. decking, paving or tiles)
  • How much privacy do I require? (this will determine your fencing and shading type)
  • Do I need a large entertaining space?
  • Would I like landscaping/gardening elements?
What is the budget for my backyard home renovations Castle Hill?
Home Renovations Castle Hill

If you are ready to take the next step and begin your backyard home renovations Castle Hill, contact the team at Sydney Extension and Renovation today on (02) 98983550 so we can help you design a stylish and functional space that is perfect for your home!