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Gordon Builder

Sydney Extension & Renovation | The Gordon Builder of Choice

Sydney Renovation & Extension have been providing an exceptional standard of construction service for years, slowly yet consistently developing our reputation as the Gordon builder of choice. Specialising in everything from knock-down re-builds to commercial alterations and second storey additions, we have absolutely also bases covered to make reliable building service both accessible and affordable.

Personalised service is what really sets us apart in our field, with a quality over quantity approach to our work. We limit the number of projects running concurrently to ensure we have enough time to put in a level of attention to detail that guarantees a flawless result, every time.

With Sydney Renovation & Extension, you’re always getting service from passionate builders who closely follow new trends and developments in the field. This means efficient service, tried and tested methods, guaranteed structural integrity and innovative design.
Gordon Builder
Gordon Builder

A Personalised Building Experience

Our Gordon builder will work with you closely to create a space that excels in every aspect of functionality, practicality, opportunity and style.

New Homes: We completely understand the excitement of building a new home, and it’s incredibly important to work with a team who are responsive to your unique design and lifestyle demands. Every project has a dedicated Site Foreman who never has more than 2 projects running at a time, enabling them to fully devote their time and expertise to getting your build perfect.

Extensions & Renovations: Do you feel like you’re not utilising your space well enough? Start your construction journey with our Gordon builder and build on the prospects of your existing home or premises. We’ll ensure a seamless and consistent flow in design, while accommodating new interests and home lifestyle objectives.

Our team is also highly trained in commercial alterations like terraces and storefront upgrades.

Small Home Upgrades with Large Scale Impact

One of the best aspects of choosing to work with our Gordon Builder is our forward-thinking design advice, helping you really utilise the space you already have to take life at home to that next level.

While taking all of your personal needs into account, we’re happy to offer a number of contemporary solutions that open up new opportunities—without breaking the bank. Here are a few small home additions our Gordon builder can do that you might not have thought about:

Decking: Decking is a great way to expand your entertainment space without losing natural aesthetic due to the wood’s raw multi-tones.

Custom carports: The best parts about carports is that they can be designed for multi-purpose use, doubling up as a workshop, storage space, home gym or even a general entertainment area.

Wall removal: You’ll be shocked by the difference wall removal can make, facilitating social interaction.
Gordon Builder

For more suggestions like these or to learn more about our residential and commercial development services, give our esteemed Gordon builder a call on 0421 904 790 or (02) 9898 3550.  Sydney Extension & Renovation are the most reliable choice for all future building projects across the state!