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Builders Surry Hills

The Most Reputable Builders Surry Hills

On the hunt for a team of builders Surry Hills who can fulfill the vision you have for your home or workplace? At Sydney Extension & Renovation, we’ve founded our business on the basis of integrity, high-quality workmanship, commitment to results and trust.

We don’t just pride ourselves on the quality of the finished product, but the experience we’re able to deliver throughout the journey. Effectively, our business is a combination of modern and sustainable building techniques, combined with traditional communication and close collaboration with clients.

The design planning process is absolutely essential to creating a space that excels in every aspect of your lifestyle, so we work closely with you to unearth all the must-have home features that will optimise that feeling of comfort and homeliness. We take all of your requests into account, yet maintain complete transparency and put structural integrity/feasibility of the plan at the forefront.

 Builders Surry Hills
Builders Surry Hills

Services We Offer

At Sydney Extension & Renovation, our builders Surry Hills specialise in all areas of construction to ensure you never have to compromise the quality of your build. The types of projects we often carry out include:

New homes: Helping you create a dream space that facilitates your lifestyle in every aspect, using modern and environmentally friendly building methods.

Terrace extensions: Making the most of your outdoor space with aesthetic and practical terrace extensions that can be personalised to meet your style preference.

Commercial alterations: Whether it’s a complete upgrade or extension to improve your business practice or accommodate a growing team, we have you covered.

Structural wall removal: It’s amazing how much of a difference opening up your space with structural wall removal can make, improving social engagement.

Don’t take risks! Get guaranteed workmanship with our team of experienced builders Surry Hills at Sydney Extension & Renovation.

What Makes Us Different in Our Field?

As a large investment to many, a new build or construction project requires careful consideration when it comes to choosing the right builders Surry Hills to execute the job. That’s why people continually choose to work with Sydney Extension & Renovation, because they can completely trust in our process, network, suppliers and project management team.

While some builders take more of a drive-by approach to site management, we allocate a dedicated Site Foreman who’s there every step of the journey to ensure a safe, structurally sound and streamlined development process.

Furthermore, all staff and sub-contractors have been hand-picked to ensure their ethic aligns with our company standards. The minimal expectation is that they’re fully trained and licensed, and we encourage them to stay informed of the latest trends and developments. This helps us achieve efficient turnarounds without compromising detail along the way, standing out from other builders Surry Hills.
Builders Surry Hills

So, if attention to detail and the ability to deliver projects on time and on budget are important factors to you, then choose Sydney Extension & Renovation for your next build! We’re the builders Surry Hills who bring a distinctive edge to the field by going above and beyond to meet the expectations of our customers. Call 0421 904 790 or send your enquiries through to