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New Home Builders

Why choose us over project home builders?

Starting our vast knowledge of residential construction in extension work, frankly we have experienced all the pitfalls which are involved in a construction project and now know better!

Having the know-how to finish a quality new home within budget and time, is the difference between a seamless progress of a project, to constant miscommunication of all parties involved.

We are by choice hands on builders, limiting the number of project taken concurrently to give a superior service to our clients.

Rather than having an unexperienced "Drive-By Supervisor" which overseas your new home project plus another 20+ projects at the same time (how big project home builders work), your friendly site foreman from Sydney Extension & Renovation has a maximum of 2 projects at the one time. Meaning more energy and expertise is devoted to your future ever after.

Forward your plans now, for your next new home project, and one of our friendly site foreman will be in touch with you to organise a complimentary site inspection and tendor proposal.